new sounds old cart friend

programming and maintaining a DIY shopping cart is to much of a distraction from actually creating sounds. So I’ll let those that do it for a living handle my cart and I can concentrate on the more creative side. Reset my old E-junkie account and will use them to handle the payment, yada yada blah blah stuff. I’m still programming the library architecture..etc..but they can do the payment gymnastics.

Been working on new sounds for the library these past couple of weeks ans should start making them available very soon, now that the cart side of things is sorted out.


Library Update

A lot of work happening behind the scenes these past couple of weeks. For starters, it took a few days to get the code correct for the Sound Player to play nice when having multiple audio files playing on the same page and have their controls work independently. You can test it out multi-audio test. There was also a bunch of tweaking to the code for timeline display and html canvas layout so that when displaying long files, the cursor stays centered in the div display. There is still a bit more work to be done, as I need to pre-render the “peak” files and then call them to the audio player for each audio file, so that the page loads faster. This should be done soon, as I now have a working Debian 9 system running, which will be used for the peak file generation, among other things.

Work has also been done on the shopping cart system. The paypal IPN and the basic set-up is complete, now on to setting up the cart system. This is a top priority, ans should be done faster than soon.

Goodbye Windows for tracking and recording. Have found a better solution. Now running Debian 9 (linux) with Ardour and FFADO firewire drivers. FFADO, will hopefully get replaced with the latest ALSA drivers, as soon as Debian adds it to it’s build. For now though, FFADO is working like a charm.

Soon..god I hope soon..the construction side of things will settle down to a slow simmer, and I can begin adding to the library and open shop.

The Un-responsive Website

So the Sound Player test/programming/re-working/testing is pretty much done and during the process, the site got some stability in it’s layout. I’ve chosen to go with a minimum fixed width site for a bunch of reasons. Top of the list are content respect and presentation. I also think when sites adjust themselves into different configurations for different screen sizes, etc.. The motion,adjustment,adding or subtracting of elements is a distraction and makes the user “re-adjust” themselves. We have enough “distraction obstacles” , whether self-created or otherwise, in this world to maneuver thru on a daily basis and I’m choosing not to add to it.

There is another deep underlying reason for the fixed layout. The current trend in the musical world that quantity is much more important than quality & originality. The need to get as many peoples attention as possible, distribute on as many platforms as possible and create as many sales as possible, etc..(there is a long list of  additional item) seems to have taken over in favor of artistic craftsmanship. Yes I just combined those two words into a singular definition. That’s a completely different conversation.

I did contribute to and got caught up in this trend for a while in years past, but it left me with hollow unfulfilling accomplishment, extreme stress, fatigue and a profound sense of “losing my path” that reverberated and lingered in my world (no pun intended) for quite a few years. Yet, without the experience, I would not be here.

Ok, back to the Un-responsive site design concept. I see the site and it’s content more in a sense of going to a real gallery or library.  A stable environment, that creates a space for the works to be presented in and does not itself distract people from the content within. The Musical Elements, to me, are works of artistic craftsmanship and deserve a bit more fitting presentation.

Sound Player & Stuff


Continuing work on the sound player, I’ve added a timeline and most importantly a play/pause button. Next up is adding volume control. Once I get this all sorted out, I can being adding sounds to the library and open up shop.

At some point, I’ll need to set-up a database to spit out all the info associated with each element, as hand coding this for each element, will become quite a chore after 30 or so of these are up and running. For sure, I’ll need to clean up the code for each element and wrap it into php so that each container of each element is more manageable.

Sound Player

Audio test

Here’s the sound player installed in it’s basic form. It needs a little tweaking to the Java code so that the peak files can be pre-rendered server side. The load time is less than ideal for sure. Though it is rendering a pretty big file. Once rendered, the file automatically plays and there is no volume adjustment. These controls need to be added for sure. Once I get a fully working soundplayer package, I’ll then turn to wrapping it into .php and possibly tie it to a database, so that as the library grows, things stay manageable.

For now, the bulk of my time is spent coding the main Library site & posting & tweaking this wordpress site. leaving not too much room for sounds. That will eventually shift more towards sounds because the Library site, once generally working with a cart and such, will require less programming. At least that’s the intent.

Blog Layout & Stuff

Back & forth with the blog layout. Can’t quite find a template that doesn’t have text so big that it can be read from across the street. A journal should be a bit more intimate / less loud. I’ll eventually pony up for a paid subscription so I can edit things a bit more.

Library design continues. I’ve found a great .js script for rendering wav files in html5 canvas. Somewhat similar to how Soundcloud displays them. Purchased an SSL Certificate last week for site security and cart transactions.

Funny how when I start talking about site design and it’s bottomless rabbit hole of coding, writing style completely shifts to one that’s quite bland and very direct. Yet here , in this paragraph, the writing flows a bit more easily. I’ve always struggled and been frustrated with, what to actually write about when posting site updates. Seems I’ve hit upon something here.