Sound Player & Stuff


Continuing work on the sound player, I’ve added a timeline and most importantly a play/pause button. Next up is adding volume control. Once I get this all sorted out, I can being adding sounds to the library and open up shop.

At some point, I’ll need to set-up a database to spit out all the info associated with each element, as hand coding this for each element, will become quite a chore after 30 or so of these are up and running. For sure, I’ll need to clean up the code for each element and wrap it into php so that each container of each element is more manageable.

Sound Player

Audio test

Here’s the sound player installed in it’s basic form. It needs a little tweaking to the Java code so that the peak files can be pre-rendered server side. The load time is less than ideal for sure. Though it is rendering a pretty big file. Once rendered, the file automatically plays and there is no volume adjustment. These controls need to be added for sure. Once I get a fully working soundplayer package, I’ll then turn to wrapping it into .php and possibly tie it to a database, so that as the library grows, things stay manageable.

For now, the bulk of my time is spent coding the main Library site & posting & tweaking this wordpress site. leaving not too much room for sounds. That will eventually shift more towards sounds because the Library site, once generally working with a cart and such, will require less programming. At least that’s the intent.