Library Update

A lot of work happening behind the scenes these past couple of weeks. For starters, it took a few days to get the code correct for the Sound Player to play nice when having multiple audio files playing on the same page and have their controls work independently. You can test it out multi-audio test. There was also a bunch of tweaking to the code for timeline display and html canvas layout so that when displaying long files, the cursor stays centered in the div display. There is still a bit more work to be done, as I need to pre-render the “peak” files and then call them to the audio player for each audio file, so that the page loads faster. This should be done soon, as I now have a working Debian 9 system running, which will be used for the peak file generation, among other things.

Work has also been done on the shopping cart system. The paypal IPN and the basic set-up is complete, now on to setting up the cart system. This is a top priority, ans should be done faster than soon.

Goodbye Windows for tracking and recording. Have found a better solution. Now running Debian 9 (linux) with Ardour and FFADO firewire drivers. FFADO, will hopefully get replaced with the latest ALSA drivers, as soon as Debian adds it to it’s build. For now though, FFADO is working like a charm.

Soon..god I hope soon..the construction side of things will settle down to a slow simmer, and I can begin adding to the library and open shop.